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about milieu

The beginning of our story was written on a hot, dry afternoon in New York in 2019. In the café of a boutique hotel on New York’s Lower East Side, a group of young designer friends met to discuss anecdotes and insights from their work and called it the “Asian Designer Tiny Colloquium.” After a lengthy process of positioning, consolidating resources, and discussing global design trends, milieu studio was conceptualized.

These young design professionals had noticed the cultural, geographical, and technological advancement challenges many traditional design studios face. So, the concept of the satellite workstation was born.

milieu studio brings together the resources of art and design professionals around the world to match clients with the most appropriate and innovative solutions. That same year, the first milieu satellite location was established in Hangzhou, China to serve our growing Chinese clients.


密虑工作室成立于纽约下东区一间Boutique Hotel的咖啡室。几位年轻设计师朋友常聚于此地讨论工作中的趣闻与见解,并称其为“亚洲设计小小会谈”(Asian Designer Tiny Colloquium)。随后,经过了漫长的定位,资源整合与就全球设计风潮的探讨,密虑工作室如其名字一般在2019年纽约一个燥热的下午写下了故事的开头。



纽约 / New York

杭州 / Hangzhou


密虑团队包括了在美国和中国工作学习过的设计师,其中包括获Red Dot Award/Indigo Award/A’Design Award等奖项的设计师。合作品牌包括但不限于Shiseido/Estée Lauder/ OUAI/Summer Fridays/bareMinerals/e.l.f. Cosmetics/Kimberly Clark/Bank of America/Uber/阿里巴巴/蔚来汽车/福特汽车/沃尔沃汽车/Agoda。密虑设计师希望通过了解客户故事,解决面临的问题,创造有可持续性价值的方案。密虑作品集为全球更多的艺术设计工作者创建一个社区,就如之前的 “小小会谈” 一般。

The team includes designers who have worked and studied in the U.S. and China. To date, milieu designers have received Red Dot Award/Indigo Award/A'Design Award, etc. We have worked with clients including Shiseido/Estée Lauder/ OUAI/ Summer Fridays/bareMinerals/e.l.f. Cosmetics/Kimberly Clark/Bank of America/ Uber / Alibaba / Ulysse Nardin / Ford / Volvo Cars / Agoda. We hope to create sustainable solutions by understanding our clients’ stories and solving the problems they face. Meanwhile, milieu creates a community for art and design professionals around the world and wishes their voices to be heard, just like the “Asian Designer Tiny Colloquium” that preceded it.



Red Dot Award
Brands & Communication Design
Essen, Germany

Indigo Award
Packaging Design
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Indigo Award
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A’Design Award & Competition
Packaging Design
Milan, Italy


Indigo Award
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Indigo Award
Discover Of The Year
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marc Rosen Merit Award
Fragrance Design
New York, United States