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echo is a fragrance that express es the complexity b ehind simplicity. The fresh notes of echo will embrace you in a s e ductive constellation of s cents in motion. It is a floral-s cente d fragrance that b egins on a pure fresh note, ending in complexity. echo is reflection and continuance. The twisting shape of the bottle involves continuance and inf inity. It conveys a concept that one individual may look similar to many others in this big world at f irst glance. However, there are actually inf inite ways of understanding this individual. This fragrance creates the imagination of smell, echoing in your mind continuously. echo is specially designed for the ones who are young, chick, edgy, fashionable, sophisticate d, independent and conf ident. They take care of thems elves, and they wear fragrances for thems elves instead of pleasing others. They do not wish to b e simply and only judge d as pretty women outside. They are als o powerful inside. Likewis e, a powerful woman als o has a s oft heart hidden in her hard shell. The hard e dges of this b ottle evoke the power and capability. When you touch the twisting e dges, you will feel the subtle cur ves and smoothness. There is an unexpecte d contradiction hidden in this design.

The application of the reflective mirror through this whole package system conveys the idea of consciousness and subcons ciousness. Psychologically, the mirror repres ents the threshold between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The mirror element evokes the complexity and s ensitivity of this brand.








echo fragrance

Art Direction

Shanshan Chen


Shanshan Chen